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You bought the car.  You can decide who fixes it.  

Better parts

Awesome service

True auto experts

Here's why you should call Cassill Collision.

Many insurance companies have preferred auto body shops that will repair vehicles using only the cheapest parts available.  This isn't the Cassill way of doing things.  It never has been, never will be.  When it's time for a body shop in Cedar Rapids, call Cassill Collision first.

Rental cars available on site

All makes and models

We use only the highest quality parts

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Why do we keep putting Jay in the trunk?  
And why this should be important to you...

When you buy a car at Cassill Motors, you don't just get a car, you get a team of specialists who's purpose is to make sure your car is always running right.  It's why we started our Lifetime Engine Warranty program.

Your car is our number one priority - before you buy it and for many years after you've been driving it.

If we're willing to warranty the engine, why not trust us when anything goes wrong on the outside of your car?

When you get sick, do you call your insurance first or your doctor's office?  Think about that for a minute... We know your car (even if you didn't buy it from us) better than any insurance company.  Call Cassill Collision Center first after you get in an accident.

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